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Dit sjabloon kan gebruikt worden voor het weergeven van een samenvatting van een muziekstuk. Het sjabloon is bedoeld voor het plaatsen in zowel albums, singles als losse muziekstukken.


"Country House"
nummer door Blur
van het album The Great Escape
Uitgebracht augustus 14, 1995 (1995-08-14) (UK)
Formaat 7", cassette, CD
Opgenomen 1995
Genre Britpop
Lengte 3:57
Platenlabel Food, EMI
Productie Stephen Street
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Dit veld dient met de naam van het nummer te worden gevuld. Het veld is verplicht.
Upload a copy of the single cover (under fair use—use the tag "{{Non-free album cover}}"). Ideally the image should be 200px wide. Enter the file name only into the field: <Image Name>.jpg.
Type "yes" in this field to place a 1px border around the single's cover.
Alt text for the cover image, to describe it to visually impaired readers. See WP:ALT.
Dit veld dient voor de naam van de artiest. Het veld is verplicht.
Indien het nummer is uitgebracht op een album geef dan de naam van het album op. Het sjabloon zal de naam van het album schuin afdrukken.
Use this field to display the A-side song title appearing on the opposite side of the single. If it has a Wikipedia article use a link.
Use this field to display the B-side song title appearing on the opposite side of the single. If it has a Wikipedia article use a link. Only one of the fields "A-side" or "B-side" should be used.
This field should refer to the earliest known date, using a single occurrence of {{Start date}} as {{Startdatum|YYYY|MM|DD}}, for example "{{Startdatum|2007|7|31}}". (Use "{{Startdatum|YYYY|MM}}" if only year and month are known, or "{{Startdatum|YYYY}}" for just a year).
This field should include details on when and where the song was recorded.
the way that the single was released; i.e. 7-inch single, 12-inch single, CD single, cassette single, digital download (note the piped download link)
the music genre(s) that the single is from. These must not be original research, and should be stated and referenced in a 'Composition' section of the article.
The length should use {{Duration}} thus: {{Duration|m=3|s=45}}, renders as 3:45, for 3 minutes 45 seconds
This field should refer to the label on which the single/album was originally released. Where significantly different versions have been released (featuring alternate track listings) e.g. U.S. vs. UK, the later release date and/or record label should be mentioned in the article. Drop words like "Records" from the end of the label's name (e.g. use [[Universal Records|Universal]] rather than [[Universal Records]]).
The producer is not necessarily the same as the "Artist" field.
This field allows you to provide more infobox data such as additional chronologies using {{Extra chronology}}, a track listing using {{Extra track listing}}, or extra covers using {{Extra album cover}}. Set |Type=single on those templates so the section titles use the same background color as the rest of the infobox.


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