Radio Luxemburg Top 30 (UK) van 7 augustus 1989

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De Radio Luxemburg Top 30, uitgezonden op 7 augustus 1989 door de Engelstalige service van Radio Luxemburg.

Nr. Artiest Titel
1 Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers Swing the Mood
2 Kylie Minogue I Wouldn't Change a Thing
3 Alice Cooper Poison
4 Lil' Louis French Kiss
5 Martiak Toy Soldiers
6 Sonia You'll Never Stop Me from Loving You
7 Gloria Estefan Don't Wanna Lose You
8 Transvision Vamp Landslide of Love
9 Shakespeare's Sister You're History
10 Bros Too Much
11 The Lightning Seeds Pure
12 Bobby Brown On Our Own
13 The London Boys London Nights
14 Chaka Khan & The Rufus Ain't Nobody
15 Liza Minnelli Losing My Mind
16 Kirsti Maccoll Days
17 Simple Minds Kick It In
18 Big Fun Blame It on the Boogie
19 Inner City Do You Love what You Feel
20 Redhead Kingpin & FBI Do the Right Thing